Electronic Digital Redrawn Logos

Many times, clients come to us with their own ideas for their logo. They either explain to the artist what they are looking for or, in some cases, they have tried to sketch their idea out on paper or digitally on their computer.

There are many instances where the client has an old logo that was once drawn by hand and now needs an electronic digital version to use with modern technology. We have also seen situations where their logo was created by a sign or embroidery company. They have a good-looking sign on their building and great shirts but no digital logo to use on their website or business cards. There are also times where the client had a digital version of their logo but no longer has access to those files.

Some examples follow.

Please note, more detailed information regarding why art/photos pixelate (distort), the difference between file formats (EPS, PDF, etc.), and the difference between 72ppi for web and 300ppi for print, is located in our FAQs & News section.


The client’s sketch on the left and our finished logo redraw on the right.

We completed this client’s logo from her sketch and her very specific instructions regarding color.

Client needed an electronic version of her logo and we were asked to enhance it with some “Miami Style”.

Client provided a  3′ x 3′ hand pained sign on left and our finished logo redraw is on the right.

This client had a small logo with a photo embedded in it. They needed it enlarged without distortion…

The only answer was to redraw it as a vector based EPS file which gave him a clean enlargement.

The original scan on left was taken from an embroidered shirt.

Art on left was submitted for a major overhaul. He was very happy with the end result.

Left graphic is scanned from client’s thermographed (raised lettering) business card. Right is new art.

Top graphic is scanned from client’s thermographed (raised lettering) business card. Bottom is new art.

Client needed a tweak on his logo to make it look a little more professional.